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Fitness & Wellness Schedule – Click to view
Group Fitness Classes are FREE for Members
Whether you are new to exercise or getting back to it, group exercise is a great way to get moving, make friends and stay motivated. We have classes for every level (1-4)
(1) Beginner
(2) Intermediate
(3) Advanced
(4) All levels

 Group Fitness Classes are FREE for Members


To create a welcoming and healthy family friendly environment for all.

Required attire throughout the facility (exceptions for the pool and locker room):

  • shirt that touches the top of your shorts or pants
    • No midriffs showing
    • No shirts with too much cut away or to low on the sides where the naval area is exposed.
  • shorts or pants that are mid-thigh length or have a 3″ inseam
  • closed-toed and soft sole shoes required in the wellness center and gym

In the Wellness Center:
Please bring a change of shoes to avoid tracking in excess dirt, water, snow, etc. Sandals or flip-flops are not allowed. Jeans are not allowed due to buckles, rivets and zippers that can wear on the equipment.

Clothing with offensive language or graphics is prohibited. The YMCA reserves the right to define inappropriate/offensive attire.

Have questions? Call the SWC YMCA branch at 715 818 9622

 Wellness Center


Both locations are equipped with state-of-the-art Wellness Centers. It’s a great place for young (11 and older) and young-at-heart to begin practicing a healthy lifestyle. Our Wellness Centers are equipped with the latest cardiovascular and strength training equipment to meet your fitness goals. Both Wellness Centers have an inviting atmosphere, are spaced appropriately and have good lighting.


The Wellness Centers are open to members age 11 and older who have completed the mandatory orientation. We offer several different orientation times. A Wellness Center orientation is free and led by knowledgeable staff who will teach you how to use the equipment correctly and safely. Our Youth Wellness Center orientation entails a comprehensive overview of how all of our cardiovascular equipment works, as well as safe and proper use of all equipment. We believe that the more you know about the Y fitness centers, the more likely you are to enjoy your exercise experience.


The YMCA Youth Fitness Guidelines promote a safe and positive environment for all members. Youth ages 11 and older are now able to use the Wellness Center anytime using the following guidelines:

• Youth ages 11-12 can use the cardiovascular equipment and select strength training equipment (no free weights). Only if accompanied by a parent/guardian, and after completing a Youth orientation, signing a consent form and wearing a colored wristband.
• Youth ages 13-14 can use the entire Wellness Center anytime only after completing a Youth orientation and wearing a colored wristband.

*See our Member Services desk for daily wristbands and orientation times.

 Personal Training

Through one-on-one instruction our certified personal trainers will design an individual program structured just for you! Perfect for a beginner or advanced exerciser looking to move to the next level. Your Y personal trainer will work with you providing individualized programming, coaching and motivation toward your success.

• Proper techniques and instruction to avoid injuries
• Learn innovative training techniques to enhance health, fitness and prevent exercise monotony
• Receive positive encouragement and accountability
• Improved mental outlook, energy and self-confidence
• Flexibility, balance, coordination and stability training
• Increased strength for everyday living
• Reduced stress levels
• Resistance training and cardiovascular conditioning

Getting Started is Easy!

1. Stop by our Member Services desk to obtain a personal training questionnaire.
2. Complete the questionnaire when you purchase your package and return it to the Member Services desk.
3. One of our certified personal trainers will contact you to schedule an initial consultation. Our personal trainers can meet you almost any time during Y operating hours.


Personal Training Sessions 60 minutes
1 for $50; 3 for $130; 5 for $200; 10 for $320; 15 for $400

8 sessions of Personal Training and 2 sessions of Nutrition sessions $320

Personal Training Express 30 minutes
10 for $200; 20 for $380; 30 for $540