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*If a class minimum is not met, the class may be canceled.


PARENT-TOT TUMBLING (AGES 1-3) A chance to introduce parent & child to basic gymnastic movement. Teachers will guide the parent & child through instruction to develop coordination skills, balance & flexibility. Our main goal in this class is to have fun while exploring a wide variety of movement concepts and skills in a safe and positive learning environment. Max enrollment 8.

TINY TUMBLERS (AGES 4-6) This class is designed for toddlers who would like to learn the basic fundamentals of gymnastics. Gymnastics equipment will be utilized, and gymnastics terminology will be taught. This class is fairly structured, so your child will learn to follow directions. In order to prepare your child for our skill-based classes, this class will feature some basic gymnastics skills. Max enrollment 8.



Participation is designed to enhance strength, balance and flexibility on all gymnastic equipment. Both the Rollers and Cartwheelers gymnastics classes are recreational in nature for our beginner to intermediate level students. These classes are the first skills-based classes offered to our students. The students will learn basic skills on all of the competitive gymnastics events as well as our trampoline. This class will improve most aspects of fitness as well. We follow USA Gymnastics guidelines for all of our skill-based classes.


This class is designed for those eager to develop their skills and continue in gymnastics to a more advanced level. Students participate in a structured warm-up period at the start of each class to build strength, flexibility and a solid foundation. Weekly event rotations continue to give students the chance to practice and learn newer and more progressive skills on each event. All instruction is progressive for safety.


Advanced level gymnastics that focuses on skill development, conditioning and flexibility in a fun, supportive environment. In the advance gymnastics classes, students participate in a structured warm-up period at the start of each class to build strength, flexibility and a solid foundation. Weekly event rotations give students the chance to practice and continue to develop skills on each event in a regular, systematic fashion. All instruction is progressive for safety. Participation will concentrate on body form and technique to continue to develop their skills.


New this year, we are establishing a new group of pre-team gymnasts. Our pre-teamers are gymnasts who will have worked very hard in our recreational classes throughout the previous year. Pre-team gymnasts come to class once a week, work more seriously on skill perfection than in our recreational program, and spend considerable time improving strength and flexibility.


Hour long lessons are available with a gymnastics instructor.  Call 715.818.9622 to set up a time that is convenient for you.
FEE Member $35   Non-Member $45

 GYMNASTICS TEAM  | All Star Team Season September  – March

The SWC Turners Gymnastic Team provides a competitive and supportive gymnastics experience for all who have completed the Progressive levels of the Y’s gymnastics program, been invited to Pre-Team and/or participated in team try-outs. The program maintains a balance between developing skills, motivating participation, maintaining an enjoyable environment, and promoting healthy competition.
The team competes in the YMCA Wisconsin Gymnastics leagues, Invitational and State competitions. Team members must be Y members and all practices are held at the SWC YMCA Gymnastics Center in Port Edwards.