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Member Experience Survey

Thank you for your feedback. Our staff is working to improve your experience and addressing your feedback in the survey. Please click on the following link to see the areas and results of our work.


December 2015

Overall, the top things we heard you say that you love about the Y are:

  1. My Y has friendly, caring and supportive staff.
  2. My Y offers a wide variety of classes, amenities and equipment for me to choose.
  3. My Y has an environment and atmosphere that is safe, social and makes me feel comfortable.
  4. My Y has locations that make it convenient for me to participate.

The following are a few positive comments we’ve gathered from our survey:

“The YMCA has given me the gift of trying to keep my body healthy and gives me many options to exercise.”

“The staff is wonderful and friendly. The facilities have a warm atmosphere to work out, along with super friendly staff.”

“Great environment to work out and spend time with your family in a safe setting.”

“Conveniently located on Pepper Ave. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Hours fit many different schedules.”

“The YMCA gives me the opportunity to meet new individuals and build friendships.”

“The people who work at the Y are very helpful and friendly. Great instructors, some wonderful classes offered and a variety of machines to work out on.”

“Two locations – variety of workout spaces, a gymnasium and pool”

“The YMCA has a friendly work out environment. I also like the drop in daycare for my children while I am working out. The childcare ladies are great! And the receptionists always have warm welcoming smiles on their faces”

Here are the general themes and areas you feel we can improve upon:

  1. Expanding services with the development of a new YMCA in Wisconsin Rapids is needed.
  2. Look to offer more group exercise programming after work hours and on weekends at both the Wisconsin Rapids and Port Edwards Centers.
  3. Work to improve facility cleanliness and maintenance of the exercise equipment.
  4. Look for more ways to increase the value of a YMCA membership.