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SHALLOW POOL LEARNERS  Age   6 months – 6 years

In a 3′-4′, 92 degree warm water training pool your child will build confidence, skill and independence with appropriate skill development. Toys, games and songs are used to build confidence in the water. Class limit of 6.

PARENT TOT This developmentally appropriate class teaches basics through fun games and songs making children comfortable in the water. One adult must accompany each child in the water. Properly fitted swim diapers are required.

Monday or Thursday          6:00-6:30pm          Session 3

PIKE This level is designed for first exposure in shallow water without being accompanied by an adult. Skills include front and back floats with help, submerging head and blowing bubbles.

Monday or Thursday       6:00-6:40pm           Session 3
Wednesday                    5:15-5:55pm           Session 3

STARFISH Swimmers learn to do front and back floats on their own. Other skills include jumping in, basic arm movements and kicking.

Monday or Thursday        5:15-5:55pm          Session 3
Wednesday                     6:00-6:40pm          Session 3

EEL In this level, swimmers will retrieve objects in shallow water, learn the flutter kick, begin to work on basic strokes and will be exposed to the front pool.

Monday or Thursday      5:15-5:55pm           Session 3
Wednesday                   6:45-7:25pm           Session 3

BIG POOL LEARNERS  Age   6 – 15 years

In our 83 degree pool, youth learn personal safety, stroke development, rescue skills and have fun playing water sports and games. Class limit of 8.

POLLIWOG Swimmers stay in the shallow end and work on front/back glide, flutter kick, rhythmic breathing and front/back crawl.
Monday or Thursday     6:35-7:15pm           Session 3
Wednesday                  5:15-5:55pm           Session 3

GUPPY Front crawl is perfected. Swimmers learn elementary backstroke, dives, deep water bobs and begin to tread water.
Monday or Thursday     6:45-7:25pm     Session 3
Wednesday                  6:00-6:40pm     Session 3

MINNOW Continued work on front/back crawl. Beginning work on endurance, breaststroke and turns are emphasized.
Monday or Thursday    7:30-8:10pm        Session 3
Wednesday                 6:45-7:25pm        Session 3

FISH Swimmers learn sidestroke, dolphin kick and work more on turns. This level emphasizes endurance and stroke techniques.
Monday or Thursday     7:30-8:10pm       Session 3
Wednesday                  6:45-7:25pm       Session 3

Fees located in the program guide

*If a class minimum is not met, the class may be canceled.

For class days and times view our program guide on page 16…

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