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Taekwondo helps develop discipline, confidence and physical fitness. Whether you are a casual practitioner interested in self-defense and physical fitness; an athlete looking to cross train and build strength, reaction time, flexibility and balance; or you are a Taekwondo athlete interested in competing at the highest levels, this is the right program for you. Our Taekwondo program is affiliated with the Amateur Athletics Union (AAU) and teaches the most up to date standards in the nation. This class is instructed at the Port Edwards location. Instructor: Master Randall Boggs, 3rd Degree, Poom Black Belt. You may contact Randall by phone at 715 819 0762 or via email at nomartkd@gmail.com.

Beginner          Tues/Thurs           6:15-7:15pm
Advanced         Tues/Thurs          7:15-8:15pm

AGE 5 & up

FEE  Member $25  Non-Member $50

*Additional equipment may be required and must be purchased by the student.