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We offer a number of opportunities to support individuals to reach their nutrition goals. Our Registered Dietitian offers nutrition counseling services, with the ability to offer specific guidance to meet your individual and/or family needs. We also offer weight loss support groups, and partner with area educators to offer programming for all ages.

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Nutrition Programs at the y

Meet our Dietitian Andrea Wagner! Andrea received her Bachelors in Dietetics from UW-Stevens Point and Masters in Applied Nutrition from Northeastern University.  She has been a Dietitian for over 7 years, working as a clinical Dietitian for 6 of them, and recently branching out into private practice and community nutrition.  She is not only a Dietitian, but a wife, mom, and dog mom.  In her spare time she loves to create healthier versions of common recipes, read about areas of nutrition she is not as familiar with, and have family game night with her kids.  She often speak about nutrition through community events, local News Broadcasts, articles in news papers, and more.  Andrea believes every life can be changed through good nutrition, and it is a mission of hers to help as many people as possible learn about good nutrition.

personal nutrition services

We recognize that ‘one-size-fits-all’ nutrition advice often fails to optimize health. Greater long term success is achieved when one’s individual health needs and goals are evaluated and a personal strategy is devised that incorporates accountability and behavior change strategies. Your nutrition sessions will include a nutrition plan, specifically for you, as well as accountability, support and strategies specific for you to help you achieve your goals.

Personal Training & Nutrition: 8 sessions of personal training & 2 nutrition counseling sessions for $320

Nutrition Services | Member: 1 for $50; 5 for $240; 10 for $450; 30 minute follow up session $25
Nutrition Services | Non-Member: 1 for $60; 5 for $280; 10 for $540; 30 minute follow up session $45

To get started, please contact Erin Hess, at 715.818.6015 or



Each month, our registered dietitian speaks on nutrition trends and topics, diving into greater details which then yields expert opinion on potential benefits and/or risks. We live in a world where google can make everyone an “expert”, but when it comes to your health, we want to offer real expert advice, to help you sift out what’s good for you, and what to steer away from.




What foods are best to buy fresh, frozen, or canned. Meals for under just $4 a day.

Date: June 10
Day: Monday
Time: 6:00 – 7:30pm
Fee: $10/Member or $15/Non-Member



What are they, and why some people avoid them.

Date: July 27
Day: Monday
Time: 6:00 – 7:30pm
Fee: $10/Member or $15/Non-Member



Why gut health is important, and what foods are best for gut health.

Date: August 25
Day: Monday
Time: 6:00 – 7:30pm
Fee: $10/Member or $15/Non-Member

Healthy Weight, Healthy You | Support Group

Andrea Wagner, a Registered Dietitian will provide expert advice and support to help you through your weight loss journey. During this 12 week session we will meet via Zoom to learn about best practices for weight loss and offer support and encouragement for everyone in the group. 

Dates: March 7 – May 28
Day: Monday
Time: 6:30 – 7:00pm
Fee: $75/session/member or $90/session/non-member
*Next session will run from Sept 12 – Nov 28, 2022

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